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90% Malvasía Riojana y 10% de Viura

Oak ageing

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Varieties: 90% Malvasía Riojana and 10% de Viura

– The Plot: The Vasconegro farm is located just over 1 km to the E of Lanciego. It is planted on the hillside at the top of the replant that forms the Viñaspre stream. Planted by El Mozo in 1965, it has about 3000 m2 of old malvasias in its upper part.

– Viticulture: Viticulture based on minimal interaction in the vineyard and on a care totally oriented to the quality of the grape. The wine also has the organic agricultural certificate.

– Elaboration: Harvesting in boxes and pressing at the entrance of the winery, from there the fermentation takes place in barrels on fine lees. Fermentation starts with the native yeast that the grapes bring from the field. Following our philosophy of minimal interaction, wine is not corrected with any enlological product.

– Production: About 1,250 numbered bottles