Gin Bombay Original


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Unlike many other gins, we use eight botanicals to create our London Dry flavor. Each is handpicked to preserve its individual qualities, which will be incorporated into this excellent classic blend.

To make our gin we infuse steamed botanicals, we never boil them. By distilling the ingredients in this way, we can infuse each drop with its distinctive flavors. Made based on the traditional recipe created in 1761, Bombay Sapphire Dry has, at its core, the innovative steam infusion process.

Botanicals: Juniper Berries (Italy), Coriander – seeds (Morocco), Angelica – root (Saxony), Almonds (Spain), Lemon Skin (Spain), Cassia Bark (Indochina), Orris Root – Iris (Italy) , Licorice (China).

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