Gin Gold 999.9


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Gin Gold 999.9, a French gin inspired by the discovery in the early 20th century of a gold alembic. Distilled three times in this curious alembic, the gin is made with botanicals such as juniper, tangerine, almonds, ginger, violet, angelica, cassia, vanilla, poppy and coriander. The result, a gin with a citric character, in which the mandarin stands out.

Tasting Notes:

  • Color: It has a pale straw yellow color with golden reflections.
  • Nose: A combination of complex aromas where tangerine and juniper stand out, intertwined with essences of fresh flowers such as violets and poppies, on a spicy and balsamic background.
  • Taste: Intense entry where all the power of the mandarin emerges accompanied by an elegant touch of juniper. On the palate the drink is balanced by revealing the notes of fresh flowers. Fresh finish, accompanied by vanilla and almonds.

Vol. Alcohol: 40 %