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Hofland London Dry Gin reflects the quality and heritage of Jacob Hofland’s drive for perfection. The pheasant, known for its selectiveness of the seeds it picks, stands as the symbol for the quality of the Gin, just like Jacob Hofland. Today Hofland is still made using carefully selected botanicals in addition to the Juniper and is based on the centuries old method perfected by Jacob Hofland.

Hofland London Dry Gin, is a traditionally distilled London Gin, with a fresh character because of the citrus used. We use eight botanicals and distilled alcohol from selected grain from the finest cornfields in the European Union. The typical bottle clearly positions Hofland Gin amongst other Premium Gins.

What’s in the Gin?

The purest water from Holland, that’s what used for Hofland London dry gin. The water is very soft, coming from 100 meter deep wells at the national park “The Veluwe” in Holland, known for its sandy ground with great filtering characteristics. In the old days this was also the reason why the paper industry used water from this area. Hofland Gin only uses fresh lemons to avoid the steel or bitter flavour which most times results from the usage of dried peel.


Juniper gives Gin its signature fresh and piney taste. Without Juniper there is no Gin (and no Jenever). By distilling the Juniper soft sweet tones are released.


The earthy taste of the root of the Angelica plant used in the Hofland Gin is grown in France and is used to keep all taste notes in balance.


Orris needs time. After growing at least 3 years in the nice climate of Italy it can be harvested and dried to a very hard root that can be ground to a powder.


The seeds are the most important contributor to the citrus tones in the Hofland Gin. The seeds are carefully selected after having grown.


The vanilla from Madagascar gives a nice creamy note, but it’s balanced by the earthier Angelica and enhanced by the citrus of the Lemon and Coriander.


The licorice from Turkey gives the Hofland Gin the extra sweet note combined with the Anise aroma for a great tatste.


The juicy Lemon from Murcia Spain provides the Hofland London Dry Gin with a nice citrus flavor, sweet and juicy Our lemons are hand-picked.


The Ginger from India gives the Hofland London Dry Gin an exotic flavor with a nice bite that ends in a long taste with the note of lavender.