Oremus Vendimia Tardía, 50 Cl.


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Tokaj-Oremus de Vega Sicilia

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Sweet White.

Late Harvest is a harmonious, fresh and silky wine. It’s versatile when drinking, providing a whole new range of possibilities with every sip. A Tokaj halfway between the sweet and noble great Aszú wines and the dry ones of the region.

A sweet white made from the furmint, harslevelu, zeta and muscat varieties, overripe grapes, and some aszú bunches (30-40%) that add complexity and nobility to the whole. With a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, this Late Harvest has also been aged in oak barrels before being bottled in this delicate and elegant little bottle.

Conservation and preferential consumption

This wine is suitable to drink now, but it has a storage potential of approximately 10 years if it is kept in optimal conditions: 12-14 ºC and at a relative humidity of 60%. It is advisable to consume at 8 ºC.

Alcoholic degree: 12%