Pack 1 For 6 People – Wine & Gin


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For 6 People … How many bottles will I need? What Wine do I choose?

Do not bother yourself !!For 6 People, an Aperitif Vermouth, three aromatic, fresh wines … and, simply, a Gin with 6 Premium Tonics.

1 Bot. Rivera Red Vermouth:

Made with Galician hops, Cascade hops, as well as rose petals, St. John’s wort, mugwort, wormwood and Florence lily. Complex vermouth in botanicals but with a classic line with a careful balance between a discreet sweetness and a moderate acidity; highlighting body, bitterness and the elegant fusion of artemisia, wormwood, iris (Florence Lily) and St. John’s wort (Hypericum) and subtle scented notes of roses on an integrated slightly hoppy background. Alcoholic graduation of 15% vol.

1 Bot. Marqués de Vitoria Blanco, D.O.Ca. Rioja:

White Viura. Clean, bright, straw yellow color. Aromas of great intensity, fruity and with light floral and herbaceous notes in the background. Silky throughout its journey on the palate, elegant and balanced. Middle end. Pairing: Frankfurt sausages. Stewed, baked or mashed potatoes. It goes very well with most fish, shellfish and vegetables. Fondue, goat cheese or roquefort. Pasta with basil, bechamel, cheese.

1 Bot. Baltos Mencía, D.O. Bierzo:

100% Mencía. Aged for 4 months in French oak barrels. Wine of intense violet color with a fresh nose of wild black fruits, hints of liquorice, graphite and fennel. Balanced and fresh on the palate. It pairs perfectly with recipes of medium consistency such as tapas and appetizers, white meats, paellas, pasta and spoon dishes

1 Bot. Tobelos Crianza, D.O. Ca. Rioja:

100% Tempranillo. Excellent accompaniment to any prepared dish such as stew, rice, game or poultry. Intense on the nose, aromas of wild red fruits, spices, chocolates and balsamic. On the palate, Tasty, medium structure, noble tannins, integrated acidity, mid-palate of ripe red fruit and a final balsamic sensations.

1 Bot. SIMPLE Gin:

The Gin Simple is an Italian gin that is committed to the return to the traditional gin and tonic. It is made by botanicals such as juniper, Scots pine, lemon peel, coriander, elderflower, sage flower, angelica root, cardamom and nutmeg. It is recommended to combine it with a simple lemon peel and tonic. Alcoholic graduation of 40% vol.

6 Le Tribute Premium Tonic Bottles:

Natural quinine from Loja, Ecuador. Why from Loja? Because the Countess of Chinchona was cured of her fever in 1639 thanks to an infusion of bark from the cinchona tree from the Loja region, popularizing this remedy for the treatment of fevers and malaria among the common people. It was so effective that she ended up healing European kings like Louis XIV of France or Charles II of England. Lemongrass. LE TRIBUTE tonic uses a lemongrass distillation in water that gives it its characteristic and unique flavor. The purest water. The water comes from a natural spring from the distillery itself, which is filtered through a reverse osmosis process until obtaining demineralized and tasteless water.