Pack 3 For 6 People – Wine & Gin



For 6 People … How many bottles will I need? What Wine do I choose?

Do not bother yourself !!For 6 People, a Domingo Vermouth, three fresh, aromatic, full-bodied wines … a 100% Natural Grape Distilled Gin with 6 Premium Tonics.

1 Bot. Vermouth Domingo:

It has aromas of absinthe, gentian, elderberry, ginger, chalk dittany and orange peel. Its passage in the mouth is sweet and ends in elegantly bitter notes that invite you to continue drinking. Alcoholic degree 15%

1 Bot. Muga Blanco Fermented in Barrel, D.O.Ca. Rioja:

Mostly Viura with a percentage of Garnacha blanca and Malvasía de Rioja. 3 months in barrels. On the nose it is clean, complex where aromas of aromatic herbs such as fennel, citrus (lime), stone fruits (peach) and light toasted notes stand out. On the palate it is a fresh wine with good acidity, balanced, silky and with a very long aftertaste. Perfect pairing with grilled fish, seafood and rice among others.

1 Bot. Tobelos Garnacha, D.O.Ca. Rioja:

100% Garnacha Tinta. 14 months in American and French oak barrels. Elegant on the nose, excellent expression and complexity, perfectly ripened fruit, fine spicy notes on a delicate mineral background, truffle, tobacco and a gummy background. On the palate it is meaty, ripe, fine tannin, great balance, wide in nuances in the mid palate, full of fruitiness and elegant finish, long of great maturity and nobility and a very long and aromatic aftertaste. A wine recommended for true Garnacha Tinta fans. To take with poultry, red meat and blue fish.

1 Bot. Campillo Reserva, D.O. Ca. Rioja:

Picota cherry tone with ruby ​​rim. Intense and complex on the nose. Fruity notes, spices, toasted and cocoa touches. On the palate, good structure and acidity, elegant. Very long finish. It is easy to pair with any type of meat and grilled mushrooms. Some highly flavored or fatty fish, such as tuna or cod. Medium-aged cheeses; emmental and gruyere. Pasta with tomato and / or cheese.

1 Bot. Santamania Gin:

It is made from an exceptional grape alcohol, mostly Tempranillo, an unmistakable seal of quality, smoothness and delicious aroma. It is a very aromatic and well balanced gin, with a fresh and smooth fruity flavor. A craft gin, 100% natural. without additives of any kind. Thirteen fresh botanicals are used to make a batch of SANTAMANIA CRAFT Gin. Spicy botanicals such as fresh juniper berries, coriander seeds, cardamom, cinnamon stick and angelica root are balanced with other botanicals of Spanish origin that provide herbaceous, sweet, citric and fruity character: freeze-dried raspberries, freshly roasted pistachios, wild rosemary fresh, Valencian lemon peel and green lime, dried orris root and tender and sweet licorice. Alcoholic graduation of 41% vol.

6 Le Tribute Premium Tonic Bottles:

Natural quinine from Loja, Ecuador. Why from Loja? Because the Countess of Chinchona was cured of her fever in 1639 thanks to an infusion of bark from the cinchona tree from the Loja region, popularizing this remedy for the treatment of fevers and malaria among the common people. It was so effective that she ended up healing European kings like Louis XIV of France or Charles II of England. Lemongrass. LE TRIBUTE tonic uses a lemongrass distillation in water that gives it its characteristic and unique flavor. The purest water. The water comes from a natural spring from the distillery itself, which is filtered through a reverse osmosis process until obtaining demineralized and tasteless water.