Txakoli Aitako – Viñas Centenarias



Gaintza Txakolindegia

Grape variety

85% Hondarribi zuri, 5% Hondarribi Beltz, 10 % Chardonnay

Oak ageing

1 año de crianza

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Grape Varieties: 85% Hondarribi Zuri, 5% Hondarribi Beltz, 10% Chardonnay.

Viticulture: Integrated viticulture. Guaranteed minimum use of plant protection products. Our work philosophy includes sustainable agricul-ture and respect towards what we have inherited. We make our wines using grapes from land which is cultivated using certified integrated production methods.

WINEMAKING: The grapes on this plot are selectively harvested at their optimal ripeness. We combine traditional expertise with the latest technology to produce our txakoli. Aitako in particular, is fermented at low temperature (14ºC) to obtain greater aromatic intensity. It follows a two-step aging process, one year on its lees and after bottling it is aged for one further year.


Colour: Bright and clean golden colour in the glass. The fine bubbles are due to the low temperature fermentation process.

Nose: Complex and intense aroma of apple and pineapple, with hints of minerality.

Palate: Despite being an aged wine it maintains its freshness. It is a txakolina wine with body, persistence and dry finish. The aging on its lees gives rise to body, smoothness and balance in the mouth.Aitako txakolina is a complex and sophisticated wine. It perfectly repre-sents the potential of the local Hondarrabi Zuri variety, definitely a unique txakolina.

SERVICE AND FOOD PAIRINGIt is a wine with varied aromatic notes, the kind of wine you feel you have to smell once and again, and that lures you to it. It is definitely a wine for special occasions, to de enjoyed with good food and company.We recommend serving it at 8º to 10ºC.

Ideal for white meat, fish, seafood and rice dishes



  • Mundus Vini 2020: medalla de oro.
  • Gilbert & Gailard 2020: medalla de oro.
  • Parker 2020: 92 puntos.