Ron Millonario 15 Years (Peru)


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The original Ron Millonario, the first release which started a long story of success. The sweet bouquet, the body and warmth result from the slow fermenting of the sugar cane molasses and painstaking distillation. Patient maturation of up to 15 years in oak casks arranged in a solera system guarantees consistency through the years and a velvety softness. Ron Millonario Solera 15 Reserva Especial is the most balanced in the range, ideal for sipping neat or on the rocks. Each bottle is clad in hand-woven Toquilla palm fibres from the town of Catacaos, near Piura, in the north of Peru. An iconic and stylish packaging, which evokes tradition and popular craft manship.

Tasting notes:

Redolent of candied fruit and prunes, cocoa, coconut and cloves. Sweet to the palate, raisiny and slightly winey, enveloping, buttery. Notes of toffee, chocolate and sultanas meet with hints of the molasses of raw sugar, culminating in a luscious fi nish. To be sipped delicately, for maximum enjoyment, maybe paired with some dark chocolate.