Doniene Txakolindegia

Grape variety

100% Hondarrabi Zuri

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Grape Variety: Hondarrabi zuri

Production Area: Bakio, Bizkaia. D.O.Bizkaiko Txakolina. Euskadi

Harvest Time: Between October 10th and 12th. Manual and boxed collection. The grape enters the
cellar within a maximum period of 3 hours.

Elaboration: oriented towards the reach of the expression of the soils and the variety. De-stemming
and brief cold maceration. Made from must flower Fermentation with yeasts from the vineyard.
Aging on lees in deposit. Spontaneous partial malolactic fermentation in tank. The wine has been
made without adding sulfur throughout the process.

Alcohol Content: 12,8 %vol. Tartaric Total Acidity: 7,8 g/l. Reducing Sugars: 1,59 g/l pH 3,08 SO2
16 ppm (own of the vineyard)

Tasting: Straw yellow color. On the nose, it presents slight pungent aromas, hazelnut, on an
herbaceous basis. In the mouth it is vertical, frank marked acidity, salinity and mild presence of
carbonic. Long distance and persistent freshness.