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100% Albariño

Oak ageing

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Variety: 100% Albariño

Elaboration: The grape bunches were transported, after the first selection in the field, in delicate boxes. In the winery, they are spread on the selection table and only those that are healthy, clean and aromatic are processed. The grape grains go to the Ganymede macerators, and there, for 24 hours the grapes unfold their aromatic precursors before obtaining the must. The own yeasts fermented delicately, the musts clean and intense, to retain in the wines all the minerality and floral aromas characteristic of Albariño.

Tasting notes: Pale lemon color with hints of sweet lime accompanied by the required brilliance. The nose begins with a magnificent collection of floral aromas, which passes to notes of lychee, fresh grass and white pear, to finally feel the balsamic details that give it depth. On the palate, it is lively, salty, harmonious, and with a laudable youth, a true reflection of its Atlantic character.

Food pairing: For its freshness and lively floral aromas, explicit and penetrating flavors both from the sea, such as lime oysters or tiradito de seabas, as from the land, Iberian secret or Mexican carnitas.

Thermochromic label: The label incorporates a thermosensitive logo, which makes a small boat appear when the wine reaches its optimum consumption temperature, which will disappear if the wine is not cold enough for tasting.